Adventures in homemade, budget aware cooking.


My name is Sarah and I have a problem.  Well, I have a few problems.  First of all, I have a husband to feed day in and day out and a limited supply of dinner ideas (and cooking abilities…).  Second, I am Canadian, living in Utah and currently waiting months on end to receive government-granted permission to work (you know, at a real job).  Where’s the problem there?  Well I have endless time, no TV and limited abilities to sit still.  Third, I really really really like to cook.  Fourth, I am very frugal (I have to be, the husband makes me).   As you can see, I have several problems that all culminated in the creation of this blog, where I hope to satiate my need to write and to cook and to share.  Join me as I learn the ins and outs, experience the ups and downs of cooking, baking, cake-decorating, and if all goes according to plan, canning (gasp!).


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